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A relatively high percentage of Japanese population is the elderly so the Japanese government has special policies to attract human resources, especially high-quality laborers worldwide. Therefore, the wave of study abroad and labor export to Japan has been increasing. 

However, Japanese are quite "conservative", the main language used in their education, work and life, even when communicating with foreigners is Japanese. In order to get a better job and to be easier and more convenient in studying and living in Japan, students/laborers are required to have certain knowledge in Japanese. In addition, the increasing emergence of many large Japanese companies and corporations has led to an increasing need to learn Japanese, which has resulted in the establishment of a series of Japanese centers.

However, among too many Japanese centers today, it’s not easy to select a prestigious and quality center. This is a real challenge for those who want to earn a Japanese certificate for their study and work purposes. 

TinEdu Study abroad Consulting Company, with over 12 years of experience in the field of study abroad consultancy, has built up a strong brand, gained absolute trust with more than 7,500 students. So, when you come to TinEdu Japanese Language Center, you will be able to take part in the best quality classes according to international standards which only focus on the skills needed for students. We commit that, after completing the course, you will have corresponding proficiency, especially you will have the ability to communicate.

Students have the opportunity to participate in classes with international standard at TinEdu
Students have the opportunity to participate in classes with international standard at TinEdu

Why should you choose Japanese classes of TinEdu? 

  • 1: 1, 1: 4, 1: 8 varied training model means the ratio of teacher to students is 1:1, 1:4, and 1:8 respectively, enabling you to interact with the teacher in the best way. 
  • Teaching staff are students and interns who once studied in Japan so they are well aware of difficulties that students often encounter. Accordingly, they shall build appropriate training plans. 
  • Students will sit a placement test and then shall be counselled appropriate courses. 
  • Textbooks used are based on reality in Japan, which helps students familiarize with their future study environment in Japan. 
  • Classrooms are equipped with sufficient equipment, sound system, projector to ensure that students can learn most effectively.
  • After completing the course, 100% of students will earn N5 & N4 certificates with high scores.
  • The timetable is flexible and suitable for those who do not have much time. 

Courses held by TinEdu 

Hajimete no Nihongo

The first course is the Hajimete no Nihongo, which is an elementary course that gives students a basic Japanese foundation. Through the course, students will achieve the following goals: 

  • Have general knowledge of Japanese 
  • Be able to remember and write Hiragana and Katakana
  • Familiarize yourself with changed sounds, virtual sounds (youon), elision (sokuon) and long sounds 
  • Be able to compound words and practice vocabulary 
  • Be able to have basic level of fluency in Japanese 
TinEdu provides a lot of Japanese courses for students
TinEdu provides a lot of Japanese courses for students

N5 and N4 certificates 

Next are N5 and N4 courses, which are required if you want to apply for study in Japan or work at a Japanese company. 

Through these courses, students will be equipped with advanced Japanese knowledge, Hiragana and Katakana, and communication skills in Japanese. In addition, students participating in these two courses also learn a new alphabet - Kanji.

A special feature of the courses opened at the TinEdu Japanese Language Center is fast-track courses are available for all students to enroll in. In these courses, students go to class more frequently than normal courses, however, we still guarantee a required amount of knowledge. Through such courses, you will quickly obtain the necessary certificates to serve all your purposes.

Special communication courses 

In addition to classes designed for students to sit Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, TinEdu also opens special communication classes. In these classes, students will practice using Japanese comprehensively, they shall interact with each other using sentences from basic to advanced in Japanese. Thanks to that, their ability to react, think and speak in Japanese is also improved. 

With experience and prestige, TinEdu Japanese Language Center is evaluated as as one of the best Japanese language centers by students. We are committed to putting students’ benefits our on top priority, so you don’t need to worry anything when enrolling in courses at our center. If you are a busy person, you do not have much time, feel free to contact us for advice and detailed instructions.

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Closing ceremony and farewell party for International students studying abroad in Japan, term of April 201

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Study-Abroad Seminar In Daklak

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Dau Minh Canh - Waseda Edu Japanese Language School, Yokohama – Term of April 2018

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School Visit In Japan 

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Over the past 15 years, TinEdu has been honored to receive more than 20 awards in the field of consulting the education at home and abroad




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Strong brand with professional services, TinEdu is currently the official enrollment representative of more than 500 universities, colleges and high schools around the world.




According to the annual statistics, the rate of TinEdu’s student visa is always in the top of the Consulates of the US, Canada and Japan